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Hello, We're the Crosby Family.
In 1971 we embarked on a quest to produce the best sausages we had ever tasted.
Our principles were simple
All our pork is sourced from British High Welfare Farms, as only the very best will do.
Each sausage that we produce is made from the finest, leanest cuts of fresh succulent pork shoulder
Our unique recipes of blended ingredients are specially selected and delicately mixed to insure that we continue to produce the most delicious, tastiest sausages money can buy.
Hope you find them as delicious as we do.

Over the last ten years S.C.Crosby (Wholesale Butchers) Ltd had been responsible for the research and development of Riverway Foods sausage products, and used its large customer base to do regular sausage tasting at its Smithfield shop, Crosby Butchers has also used its contacts and connections within the meat industry to help with the sales of the Riverway sausage brand.

Our customers at Smithfield had helped guide us to produce a sausage which is now distributed nationally through our national retail customers, i.e., Costco, Sainsbury´s, and Tesco (in alphabetical order). Riverway Foods Ltd acknowledges all the hard work that Crosby Butchers had put in over the years to help Riverway Foods become the fine sausage producer it is today.

S.C.Crosby(Wholesale Butchers)Ltd, could have been found at 65 Charterhouse Street London EC1, where you could have bought Riverway sausages. (Or you could have just haled a black cab and asked for CROSBY`s they used to be one of the points of the knowledge!!). Unfortunately S.C.Crosby (Wholesale Butchers) Ltd was forced to shut its doors in April 2009, the shop was compulsory purchased by the railway for the Crossrail/Thames link 2000 project.

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