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The food industry has faced challenges over the last few months that none of us could have foreseen. The foodservice industry has been very badly affected but it is now slowly starting to open up and trade, albeit in a different way.  Yet the retail industry has seen unprecedented volumes during the most concerning times.  We, therefore, want to reassure you about the safety of our staff and products.

We have taken numerous steps to ensure our team stays as safe as possible during these challenging times. We have followed Government Guidelines at all times whilst continuing to maintain our very high production and hygiene standards. Our team has responded very well to the extra responsibility placed on them, for which we thank them.

Our approach to Covid-19 has been in accordance with Government and Industry Guidelines and we continue to review any changes to this Guidance to ensure our staff and site visitors remain safe. 

We have established a Covid-19 Task Force and our action plan incorporates:

  • Site wide risk assessments looking at the principal controls that need to be put in place across all parts of the business.

  • Assessment of any vulnerable workers including those with existing health conditions or family/household factors that might put them more at risk from Covid-19.

  • Refinements to our existing protocols around site hygiene, entrances/exit points, areas where workers may be working closer together, and communal areas such as toilets, changing rooms, and other welfare facilities.

  • An ongoing communications strategy -  signage, Covid-19 messages, reminders, and relevant information and staff briefings as our practices/policies are adapted.

  • Ongoing site monitoring through our already well-established hygiene and safety inspection/audit regimes to ensure our Covid-19 controls are being effective.

  • Enhanced sickness/absence monitoring and establishing a Covid-19 response team should any workers become ill or test positive.

  • Ongoing dialogue with our workforce so that any concerns or issues can be openly discussed.


Our Covid-19 Task Force is regularly discussing a range of issues and has the responsibility to ensure all necessary actions and controls are being implemented and are being kept under constant review. 

The principal contact (our single point of contact ‘SPOC’)  for external agencies is our HR/H&S Manager (to be agreed at each site).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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